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Recent Research

Soil fertility and crop yield response

March 03, 2021

How can we know which soil nutrients are most important for crop production in a region, and how much gain can be had from better fertilization? In a recent collaboration with CIMMYT, we explored how large, new soil datasets collected on the ground can be combined with satellite-based measured yields to answer these questions. Read a blog post describing the work here.

Satellite yield estimation: how good is it, and what can we learn?

January 11, 2021

In a collaboration with Corteva AgriScience we evaluate satellite estimates of maize yields with an extensive field dataset, and then examine causes of yield gaps in U.S. maize production. Read a blog post describing the work here.

High-Resolution Soybean Yield Mapping

November 25, 2020

How well can satellites measure yields of soybean? Read a blog post describing the work here.

Is drought becoming more or less important for agriculture?

October 26, 2020

Using satellite measures of crop yield, we examine how sensitivity to soil water has changed over time in the United States. Read a blog post describing the work here.

Someone holding a cell phone

Mapping Crops with Smartphone Crowdsourcing, Satellite Imagery, and Deep Learning

October 01, 2020

New types of training data can provide a powerful way to train machine learning models that use satellite inputs. You can read a blog post describing our recent paper here.