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I regularly teach three courses open to both undergraduate and graduate students. One isFundamentals of Modeling (EESS 211), which is a hands-on introduction to environmental modeling concepts and techniques, taught every year. Second is Feeding Nine Billion (ES185), an introduction to basics of crop ecology and agronomy, world crop production systems, and tradeoffs associated with various new practices or technologies, also taught every year (starting in 2013). Third is Climate and Agriculture (ES184) which covers different aspects of climate change impacts on food production and food security, and is taught every other year.

For prospective students, the list below shows classes that my students typically take

(* = highly recommended)

Food Systems/Food Security

  • ECON 106: World Food Economy*
  • EarthSyst 184: Climate and Agriculture
  • EarthSyst 185: Feeding Nine Billion
  • EESS 318: Global Land Use Change to 2050

Earth System Science