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Buildings and trees on Stanford Campus

For prospective students, the list below shows examples of classes that my students typically take.

ECON 106: World Food Economy
EarthSys 185: Feeding Nine Billion
ESS 155: Science of Soils 
EarthSys 223: Biosphere-Atmosphere Interactions
ESS 212: Measurements in Earth Systems
ESS 262: Remote Sensing of Land
ECON 270: Intermediate Econometrics I
ECON 271: Intermediate Econometrics II
STATS 202: Data Mining and Analysis
STATS 305: Introduction to Statistical Modeling
ESS 164: Fundamentals of Geographic Information Science (GIS)
CS/STATS 229: Machine

Student Opportunities

The lab is welcoming applications for graduate studies starting in Fall 2022. Our research group consists of students with varying backgrounds including ecology, statistics, remote sensing, and computer science. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities. Applications to the department are due Dec 7, 2021.