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I regularly teach three courses open to both undergraduate and graduate students: Feeding Nine Billion (ES185), Climate and Society (Earth 2), and Data for Sustainabile Development (Earthsys262 / CS325b). Check out for more description of each class.

For prospective students, the list below shows examples of classes that my students typically take

  • ECON 106: World Food Economy
  • EarthSys 185: Feeding Nine Billion
  • ESS 155: Science of Soils 
  • EarthSys 223: Biosphere-Atmosphere Interactions
  • ESS 212. Measurements in Earth Systems
  • ESS 262: Remote Sensing of Land
  • ECON 270: Intermediate Econometrics I
  • ECON 271: Intermediate Econometrics II
  • STATS 202: Data Mining and Analysis
  • STATS 305: Introduction to Statistical Modeling
  • ESS 164: Fundamentals of Geographic Information Science (GIS)
  • CS/STATS 229: Machine Learning